Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC (MSRP $90.00) – @PolitiRaptor

Comp-Tac is a small Texas based company that I recently learned about when I inherited a generation 1 MTAC Minotaur holster with a recent pistol purchase.  The holster was a half leather, half kydex IWB tuckable and my initial thought was “oh like a crossbreed”.  I received a new generation 2 MTAC and it turns out I was wrong.  This holster is so much more.  Comp-Tac came up with a  brilliant (and more importantly comfortable design).  This is turnly more of a holster system with the leather backing being its base.  All of the other parts screw onto the backing with variable tension.  This means you can fully customize the holster to the shooter.  You can choose between a variety of belt hook sizes depending on the width of belt you wear.  You can choose a over the belt hook design, a more covert behind the belt hook design or a completely hidden velcro hook option.  The belt hooks each have 5 mounting hole which allow you to decide how high or low your holster will ride in the pain and at what angle. The best part is the outer kydex shell also mounts to the leather backing.  This means you have the option of buying a model specific shell for each of your pistols.  With a few minutes and an allen wrench you can go from carrying your 1911 to your Glock 19 in the same holster.  No need to fork out the big money for each gun any longer.  You buy 1 full holster and then purchase extra kydex shells for about 1/3 of the price.  The holster can pay for itself if you collect like I do.  I carried this holster for the entire test period and I still haven’t switched back to my OWB because this one is just as comfortable.  The holster provides excellent retention and stays put in the waistband but can be removed easier than a paddle holster.  I find this one to be a big winner and a true value!  I would recommend it highly to my friends and family, so you can rest assured you will love it.  If for some reason you don’t Comp-Tac offers a no questions return policy (you won’t need it).  Buy one today at


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