Laser-Ammo USA LaserPet

The LaserPet is a laser detecting dry-fire practice target designed to work with the Laser-Ammo SureStrike or any other laser cartridge on the market.  The basic sensor area is a square just under two inches per side. The product comes with a well designed portable multi-position tripod that let’s you set the target up just about anywhere you want. It runs on AAA batteries and has three buttons on the front for power, mode and reset. Below the sensor and controls is a high visibility LED readout to keep track of hits, times etc.
Now that the basics are outlined let’s talk about available modes for the target. The LaserPet has 3 functional modes. In mode 1, the target has a basic on function that tracks and reports the number of times you hit your target.  This is the ideal mode for beginners, sighting in or instinctive shooting (shooting from the hip) practice. Mode 2 provides a reaction time training option. In this mode, the sensor goes into a random timing mode that beeps to tell the shooter to begin and then times the successful shot down to the hundredth of a second.  After each shot the clock resets and starts again at a random interval.  This is the mode to practice target acquisition from the holster.  The mode allows you to build an important skill that could save your life.  In addition, the precise timing makes it easy to turn training into fun competition with a friend. The third mode provides another random timer option and another potential competition. In this mode the shooter gets a random start on a 5 second timer during which the LaserPet tracks the number of successful hits. How many can you get in 5 seconds? In a way, this is the more realistic training. The mode requires quick acquisition and repeated trigger control over multiple fast shots. In any mode, you simply build skill without wasting ammunition.
But wait, there’s more. If you feel the LaserPet is too easy for you to hit, the module’s difficulty level can grow with your skill.  If you live in a small space or don’t want to use distance as your measure of difficulty; Laser-Ammo has just the thing.
The LaserPet has a channel built around the sensor for any of the 5 included target inserts. The target inserts block a portion of the sensor area making a successful hit more difficult. The inserts give a choice of silhouette, 2 1.5″ circles, a 1″ circle and a 1/2″ circle. Using these inserts can make the LaserPet a challenge for any shooter no matter the skill level. With such demanding targets the LaserPet finally gives a good option for easy dry-fire practice for bullseye style shooting.
In conclusion, I am very happy with the wide array of choices and challenges provided by the LaserPet.


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