Nightstick NSP-4610B Headlamp

My contact at Nightstick sent this little headlamp in the first package I received along with the impressive TAC-560XL and a not stating the headlamp was one of favorite products and that I won’t believe how useful it will become.  As usual he was correct.

To say the headlamp was out-shined by it traveling companion would be an understatement and a bad pun.  But I must admit after a little time and use it has grown on me and proven its worth time and again.  I have stated in the past that I have a flashlight fetish of some kind and that I have a habit of buying anything that looks different, useful or like a good deal.  Thus, I l already had headlamps that looked very much like this one.  The similarity stops there.

Every aspect of this light was well thought out.  The hardware store clones I own are similar in size and weight and have a high lumen LED on board, they even have read and green light.  They also had to be exchanged because I couldn’t install the batteries without breaking the case.  The NSP-4610B, on the other hand, is waterproof, drop rated and carries the usual Nightstick lifetime warranty.  No breakage with this headlamp.  The case has a quite ratcheting hinge to secure the needed angle.  The back of the case has a thumbscrew opposite the hinge to allow battery access while maintaining a waterproof seal.  Up top there are 2 sealed push button switches to control the spot and flood functions.   The right side button controls all white light and the left the red and green LED chips.  On other models, one switch is spots and the other floods thus allowing a dual light function for higher lumens.  Smartly, Nightstick changed that function on the 4610 so you won’t have to cycle through a white light to get to either red or green.  Therefore, with the 4610 you are able to access a flood without upsetting your night vision.

As for the power cycles, the main spot on high provides 150 lumens at 1337 candela, low provides a still dazzling 80 lumens in a focused beam, and finally the 3rd click on the right brings you to a 100 lumen 180 degree flood light.  The right button gives you a 9 lumen red or 18 lumen green flood for night vision and long life (25 hour of red light if you need it).

Another well thought out aspect is the adjustable band the light sits on.  Not only will it adjust enough to comfortably go between your kids unruly lock and your hardhat with ease; they added 3 rows of a clear silicone to the inside of the band.  Wherever this light sits it stays.  The silicone strips add great grip without and forehead irritation.

All in all, this headlamp is another big winner from Nightstick at a crazily reasonable price.  It’s available on Amazon right now for $21.37 with free shipping!  It’s a steal.


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