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The Pistol Wear Trump Card holster is a different style of concealed carry. ¬†We’ve seen and discussed belly bands in the past. We’ve looked at shoulder holsters on occasion. The Trump Card lies somewhere between.
Pistol Wear recognized a common need and set out to fill the hole in the market. With exercise or other heavy exertion activities people tend to wear light baggy clothing for comfort and to avoid overheating. The problem with this type of clothing; even a small firearm can drag your clothing down or lead you to discomfort via tightening of belts or drawstrings. One choice may be a belly band which is perfect for normal deep cover carry, but heavy exertion such as exercise will dislodge your weapon from even the best belly band. Further, the byproduct of exercise tends to endanger a gun’s finish. Sweat can be a terrible corrosive.
What Pistol Wear created is a solution. The Trump Card may not be a quick draw rig but you get a lot in the trade off. The holster can be worn as an undergarment shoulder holster or, without the shoulder strap, as a sort of protected belly band. The whole rig is made of a soft elastic neoprene allowing adjustments for all body types and sizes. The holster itself fully covers the firearm and holds it in a vertical position with magnetic retention. This man made cocoon keeps sweat away from the gun while the adjustable/moveable shoulder strap holds it solidly in place. There is even a removable partition built into the holster to help minimize printing.
I’ve used the Trump Card with my XDM 45 and my SW99 40, both fully loaded with no worry of movement. I’ve worn this holster cutting the grass and digging a ditch and it’s offered a security I’ve not found elsewhere. So whether you wear it working, exercising or as deep cover under dress clothes, you will have a well secured and protected firearm that doesn’t leave you looking like the Coppertone girl unintentionally showing off pale assets.




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  1. I’ve a question about the Trump Card holster. I see it’s worn directly under the bust, is there any slippage, “bunching”, or any other annoying byproduct in that area? I have a small frame & holsters generally shift, slip, fall…The only holsters that stay put are the old school giant harnasses, & those do have a place, but when you’re 5’10”, barely 100#s, & in heals & sundress, not a good look, nor discrete! And carrying a weapon in my purse, great, I’ll club someone over the head. Let me know!

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