Last year when I went to #Shotshow I was faced with a brutal task of trying to cover a convention stretching over 13 concrete acres and 12.5 miles of aisles in four days time… and that’s just on the inside! I also had to contend with walking the uneven desert/gravel ground of Boulders Pistol and Rifle club the day before for Industry Day at the at range day


Each day my feet felt like they were being shredded by the crazy amount of fast walking from booth to booth. In order to cope I would have to switch shoes halfway through each day. When I returned to my room each night I got dinner on the way knowing once I sat, I wouldn’t be able to get up until the next morning due to pain. Shotshow is great, but painful for media people.


This year I put out a challenge to footwear manufacturers. “If you can get me through Shotshow 2016 pain free you have a miracle product!” Rocky took up the challenge, though they didn’t know how tough it would be. So I sized my foot and told them what I wanted to be able to do and that I had poor arches, a wide foot and was very overweight.


Rocky mailed me a pair of Lakeland Waterproof Hiker Boots. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I never had to change shoes once the entire time I was at Shotshow! I stayed comfortable all day everyday, I didn’t even get warm because they aren’t insulated. All that brutality to my feet and no pain. It was amazing!


As per usual, one secret to the success of these hikers seems to be a slight forward cant to the soles. The effect puts more impact weight on the front of the foot and less on the heel. In fact rather than crippling pain in my feet I had slightly sore calves as I adjusted to the boots.IMG_9030


Previously, I would have to get food on the way to my room each night. This year I was able to go out of my way for dinner and even shop a little if I wanted. My feet didn’t even get tired until 4pm on the forth day. At that point I thought to change the insoles out to some very nice memory foam soles I brought as back up. Within 10 minutes I switched back because the Rocky insoles were so much better.


I mentioned that these boots are not insulated. That was a big plus for me. I tend to get overly warm easily. If my feet get hot I am going to sweat. The Lakelands didn’t overheat me.


So if not insulated, what’s on the inside. The entire boot is microfiber inside. That microfiber interior mean comfort. Even if I wear short sport style socks and tie the boots tight I don’t get any rubbing problem.IMG_9014


In all, Rocky knocked it out of the park with these Lakeland Waterproof Hiking Boots. I couldn’t have asked for better footwear for Shotshow and based on the difficulties I presented, I am ready to declare these boots a miracle and canonize St Rocky Boots.



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