LEVER forwarded the Toolcard for a review and I honestly just thought it was one in a long line of similar products on the market. I never gave these items much of a look and simply didn’t think they would be useful enough to add to my EDC gear. Why would I? I have so much all ready. If I carry a Gerber multi-tool on my keychain and I have survival pens and such, I don’t think I need a thin card that can’t hold up to much. I was wrong in my perception, and what’s different about this one; I used it.

As it turned out, I was surprised at every turn with the LEVER Toolcard 1.0. I pulled it out to help with quick checks and planning with carpentry work I was doing. It came in super handy and saved me the trouble of digging for other tools.IMG_1297

The next thing that came up was the need to change a set of license plates. The screws were rusted tight and I was sure the tiny design of the phillips head on the card would either strip the screw head or the card would fail. Again, I was happily wrong. The Toolcard gave great leverage and worked like a charm.IMG_1298

Since that time I’ve used it to open packages and other small tasks that would usually be reserved for a pocket knife, only now the knives can stay in the pocket and stay sharp for the less mundane moments.

Finally, there’s vacation. I just recently returned from traveling abroad. In that situation there was no option to carry a blade or multi-tool such as my Gerber with me. What I was able to keep with me was the Toolcard. In my travels, I didn’t carry my wallet with me I just took a couple cards and a few bills with me. The Toolcard was my money clip for each excursion. I was really happy to have it. It was a reassuring weight in my pocket that let me know I could still be somewhat self-sufficient and that I still had my ID and cash. I never had to worry about any weapons laws in a foreign country. It was perfect.

In the end, I think LEVER found the perfect balance between strength and portability. They’ve managed to provide a card sized product that works without damage or ending up deformed. In fact, I think we’re going to need another, because the LEVER Toolcard is the one multi-tool preparedness item that my wife actually wants to add to her purse. That is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks LEVER!

Find one at levergear.com

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